Offer Your People a “Masters Degree in Growth”

The Growth Institute provides CHROs and Heads of Talent with new opportunities for hands-on professional and leadership development and networking for team members focused on customer-driven growth and innovation. We’ll partner with you to define, design, deliver, and then transition a comprehensive program to support the growth goals of your organization.

True growth requires an engine, a culture, a mindset. Rather than an MBA, mix and match our Growth Institute programs to provide an MGA — a Masters of Growth.

Professional Growth and Development Programs


Our catalog of execution-oriented Masterclass topics is designed to build growth capabilities, solve hard problems, and foster deep engagement with teammates, stakeholders, and customers. Mach49 Masterclasses equip senior leaders to attract, retain, and nurture growth-minded talent and nurture sustainable entrepreneurship, investing, and new venture advocacy.

Growth Fellows

The nine-month Growth Fellows program combines Masterclasses, individual coaching, and our 2401 SaaS platform to provide a comprehensive learning opportunity to your future leaders. Individuals work independently and in teams, exploring our unique methodologies and applying that knowledge to long-term projects or new ventures that address a real problem or opportunity.

Innovation Ecosystem Immersion Programs

Silicon Valley + Stanford Industry Affiliates Program

We partnered with Stanford University to craft this 12-week immersive program. Cohorts spend a quarter at Stanford with access to professors, research, innovation, classes, technology, and trends that are driving growth. Mach49 adds on Silicon Valley experiences, engaging cohorts with disruptive startups, VCs, and subject matter experts. Outcome: A detailed plan for building your company’s growth engine and an incredible network your team members can leverage for years to come.


Get a glimpse of the future in this exploration of Silicon Valley. Participants network with the best-in-class global enterprises, startups, VC firms, and visionaries that shape what’s possible.

Flexible Growth and Innovation Programs

Transform a team, department, or function with this versatile series. You’ll learn how to apply Mach49 venture building methods to existing projects, products, innovation programs, and/or other transformation activities. Through expert facilitation, our SaaS platform, short Masterclasses, and periodic reviews, we’ll guide your growth initiatives based on your time, schedule, and goals.